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Growth of Schools in Weeke has been a relatively recent development. Before the 1890s there were no schools actually in Weeke. Any children in the parish would have walked into Winchester to one of the schools based there. The lack of population in the parish had not justified a school before this time. This can be contrasted with the modern situation. Now all the secondary education for Winchester and surrounding villages is based in Weeke.

To understand the development of the modern schools in Weeke parish it is necessary to understand the national development of education and then how education in Winchester has evolved. Below are a series of links to pages describing the national education development, the Winchester development and then individual schools with their background:-


National Education Background


Winchester Education Background


Peter Symonds






Henry Beaufort


Western Primary


Weeke Primary


Harestock Primary


West Down




Greenacres Special School


Lanterns Nursery School


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