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Hampshire Record Office Documents

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8 62M81W/PZ1 c1915 List of rectors of the churches in Weeke (1304-1915).
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11 1558B/054 1558 Will and inventory of Thomas Complyn of Weeke, Hampshire.
12 1620A/020 1620 Will and inventory of Henry Complin (Complen) of Weeke,
Hampshire, husbandman.
13 145M84W/1 1970s Correspondence, notes and photocopy newspaper cuttings concerning the Complin family of Weeke.
14 102M71/T125 1661-1662 Will of William Godwin of Weeke, yeoman, 22 Jan 1661, proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 3 Jan 1662.
15 102M71/T134 7 Jan 1702 Deed poll of John Godwin of Weeke to save harmless his brother Thomas Godwin in respect of a bond made in connection with the latter's marriage settlement, concerning a
tenement in the City of Winchester and lands at North Stoneham.
16 62M81W/PZ48 1865-1877 'The History and Antiquities of the Parish Church of Wyke near Winchester' [St Matthew's, Weeke] by Francis John Baigent, published in 1865 by Jacob and Johnson of Winchester etc.
17 TOP343/3/59 20th century Manuscript notes and photocopies about the church of St Anastasia, Weeke, which stood on the site of St Paul's.
18 TOP343/3/60 19th-20th century File of newspaper cuttings and manuscript notes about the churches at Weeke.
19 120M94W/D69 19-Mar-71 Winchester: article on the Church of St Matthew at Weeke by B Carpenter Turner from the Hampshire Chronicle.
20 W/F3/1 1687-1797 Leases of croft of pasture near Barr Ditch outside the Westgate (Andover Road, Winchester).
21 W/F3/222 1684-1860 Leases for cottage with appurtenances on the east side of Wongar Street (Middle Brook Street, Winchester).
22 W/F3/239 1711-1831 Leases for close or purrock of arable land, now a hop garden containing 3a (Oram's Arbour, Winchester).
23 W/F3/257 1685-1804 Leases for tenement near St Peter in Macellis church and little tenement on the north side of St Peter in Macellis church (St George's Street, Winchester).
24 114M89W/1 23-24/06/1835 Lease and release of messuage with garden, outbuildings and appurtenances in that part of Hyde parish which is in the city of Winchester.
25 111M94W/Q2/103/14 10 Oct 1827 Lease to William Burnett late of Winchester, but now of Weeke, gent.
26 111M94W/Q2/103/17 2 Oct 1837 Lease to William Burnett of Weeke, esq.
27 11M59/E2/286975 12 May 1885 Counterpart lease of property in the parish of Weeke, Winchester, part of the Winchester Dean and Chapter estate, to the War Department
28 Q22/1/1/266 1800-1832 Fawley Division land tax assessments: Weeke, 1800, 1803-1804, 1806, 1808-1810, 1812-1814, 1816, 1821-1832.
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31 W/C1/5/574 1899-1901 Miscellaneous printed papers, notices, reports etc relating to the proposed boundary extension and proposed alteration to the city's rating districts.
32 67M92W/5/1 1884 Draft deeds and documents re The Old Red Deer public house, Fulflood and land at Weeke, Winchester.
33 W/C11/1ADD/14 Jan 1889 Ye Old Red Deer, Weeke Road: proposed stable and store.
34 W/G1/233 17-Mar-10 Contract for construction of a road at Weeke to extend Chilbolton Avenue from the Golf Club house to the Roman and Romsey Roads, to the satisfaction of Messrs Lemon and Blizard, engineers of Southampton; with specification, estimate and two plans.
35 Q26/7/144 1856 Lease of toll: Hundred, Standon, Cock Lane and Port Lane gates to Thomas Wheeler of Weeke, toll renter.
36 4M30/1 23 Jun 1758-2 Jul 1791 Minute book of the trustees of the Stockbridge, Winchester, Bishops Waltham and Southampton (Northern District) Turnpike.
37 4M30/10 24 Jun 1842 Draft lease of the Weeke gate of the Stockbridge and Winchester Turnpike to Thomas Wheeler, junior, of Romsey Extra, renter of tolls.
38 4M30/30-54 13 Sep- 18 Nov 1876 Correspondence and papers relating to the sale of toll houses on the Winchester and Romsey (Hursley) turnpike.
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43 44M69/G1/129 1759 `An Act for Repairing and Widening the Roads from Oxdown Gate, in Popham Lane, to the City of Winchester; and from the said City, through Hursley to Chandler's Ford; and from Hursley . . . to the Turnpike Road at Romsey . . . through Ringwood . . . to Longham Bridge and Wimborne Minster'.
44 44M69/G1/131 1767 An Act to explain, amend and reduce into One Act of Parliament, the general Laws now in being for regulating the Turnpike Roads', 7 George III.
45 122M71/O2 1820 Register of Turnpike Road Returns containing copies of schedules submitted by the Turnpikes in Hampshire under an Act of 1 George IV c95, entitled 'An Act for obtaining Returns from Turnpike Road Trusts of the Amount of their Revenues and Expense of maintaining the same'.
46 136M82/80 31 Oct 1876 Conveyance of the Cock Lane Gate, Winchester (probably the site of the Hillier Garden Centre in Romsey Road).
47 61M85 1823-1827 Acts of Parliament for roads from Winchester to Newtown river and to Andover (2 copies), 1823, and from Romsey to Stockbridge and Wallop.
48 76M86/40 1823 Popham Lane-Winchester; Winchester-Hursley-Chandler's Ford; Hursley-Romsey-Chilworth-Swaythling; Romsey-Ringwood- Langham Bridge-Wimborne Turnpike (Amendment) Act (4 Geo IV (-)).
49 Q26/1/4 1852 Map of Hampshire showing the turnpike roads.
50 Q26/4/1 Late 18th century Bound and indexed copy of An Act for Repairing and Widening the Roads from the Town of Stockbridge... to the City of Winchester, etc.
51 Q26/6/1 1773-1801 Winchester and Bishops Waltham Turnpike: treasurer's account book.
52 Q26/7/5 1823 An Act for repairing the Roads from Oxdown Gate in Popham Lane to the City of Winchester...through Hursley to Chandlers Ford... to the the Turnpike Road at Romsey, etc.
53 3M30/4 1750 Printed map of Winchester surveyed by William Godson, engraved by R Benning.
54 W/A8/15 1938 Map of Winchester based on the six inch Ordnance Survey map showing city boundary as it was before 1835, in 1835, in 1900 and in 1932.
55 21M65/F7/261/2 1840 Winchester, Weeke tithe map.
56 21M65/F7/261/1 1844 Winchester, Weeke tithe apportionment.
57 98M72/Z2 1972 Notes for a lecture by Mr D Keene on 'The Growth of the Western Suburb of Winchester and the Church of St Anastasius'.
58 120A03/23/7 1835 Agreement for sale and purchase of a copyhold house (as in 120A03/23/1), now called the Jolly Farmer, from Richard Ayling to Messrs Crowley of Alton, brewers.
59 TOP343/3/103 1904 Rebuilding Jolly Farmer Inn, Andover Road.
60 AV74/AWT6/S1 17-Jan-80 At work today: Hilliers Nurseries.
61 W/TOP343/3/103 20th century Newspaper article concerning the horticultural business of Messrs Hilliers.
62 TOP343/1/319 1988 Royal Winchester golf club: centenary 1888-1988.
63 TOP343/3/273 1988 Press cuttings about the Royal Winchester Golf Club in its centenary year.
64 W/C11/2/490 1901 Pavilion, Winchester golf club, Chilbolton Avenue.
65 W/C11/2/4583 1946 Winchester Golf Club.
66 140M98W/2/2 01-Jun-66 Brochure produced for the official opening of the new Hampshire Police Headquarters opened by Princess Margaret.
67 TOP343/3/37 1983 Winchester Extra report on Winchester prison, Romsey Road.
68 W/C11/2/7082 1957 Winchester Prison.
69 W/C11/2/8722 1961 Winchester Prison, Romsey road.
70 214M85W 1710-1944 Winchester Charity School - including: account and minute books, 1710-1957; cash book, 1872-1931; Free School admission book, 1875-90; Free School 'character' book, 1875-93.
71 TOP343/1/385 2006 Winchester County High School for Girls, Illustrated booklet edited and compiled by G Dykes, with assistance from others (named on frontispiece) to commemorate the centenary of the school.
72 W/C2/6/84 Scroll recording the history of Danemark school, presented to the Mayor on the occasion of his visit, Sep 1983.
73 TOP343/1/316 From Danemark to St Bedes School, 1988.
74 W/C11/2/1486 Danemark School, Gordon Road, 1911.
75 363M87 Winchester County High School for Girls/Westgate School 1905-1994.
76 37M82W/PJ4 Piece of land in St Thomas' parish measuring 113 feet 6 inches from east to west and 93 feet from north to south, 1893.
77 W/C11/2/5953 St Thomas School, 1953.
78 W/C1/7/22 File title: 'Reorganisation Secondary Education, Winchester Area' (Ref E/1/1 and ED15), Dec 1968-Jun 1969.
79 37M88 Winchester: Weeke County Junior and Infants' School, 1959-1966.
80 H/CL8/633 Signed contract and plans for the erection of Harestock Infants School, Winchester, 1969.
81 128M96/C3/60 Files concerning closed schools: St Thomas FE Centre, Mews Lane, Winchester, formerly St Thomas National Higher Grade Boys' Secondary School.
82 128M96/C3/72 Files concerning closed schools: St Mary's CE (Controlled) School/Secondary Modern School for Girls, Winchester.
83 44M69/H1/1 Hampshire Society for the Education of the Infant Poor: Printed resolutions of a meeting of clergy held in St John's House, Winchester, 19 November 1811, to form the Hampshire Society, with a list of subscriptions.
84 44M69/H1/2 Hampshire Society for the Education of the Infant Poor: Fourth report of the Hampshire Society, 1815.
85 128M84/47 Bound volume of annual reports of the National Society for promoting the education of the poor Front fly-leaf: 'Winchester Central School Committee 1824', 1819-1823.
86 W/F3/427 Lease for annual sheep and lamb fair held on the Roebuck Cricket field (or anywhere else at the city's discretion) on 23 Oct annually (Winchester), 1869.
87 W/F4/1/3 Leases and agreements concerning letting of the Sheep and Lamb Fair held annually on the Roebuck Cricket Field, 1876-1902.
88 W/C11/2/505 House and stable, Pinehurst, Bereweeke Road, 1901.
89 TOP343/3/195 Winchester Tennis Club News 1988-1996.
90 W/C11/2/2942 Additions to tennis club, Bereweeke Road, 1919.
91 W/C11/2/3907 Alterations etc., Winchester Tennis Club, Bereweeke Road, 1937.
92 W/C11/3/1426 Winchester Tennis Club, 1968.
93 176M87 Winchester St Thomas's National School, 1856-1878.
94 82M89W/1 Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings relating to Western Junior School, 1940-1949.
95 136M82/33 School book of Abner Hillier (died 1849 aged 14), Amport School, with mathematical exercises 1846, reused by his brother Edwin as 'calendar of operations' describing work in gardens he worked in: Penton Lodge, Cobham Hall, Brantridge Park, Sussex 1853-59.
96 136M82/34 Similar book to 136M82/33, used by Edwin Hillier for 'calendar of operations': Cobham Hall, Syon Park, Studley Royal (1862), Messrs Osborne and Sons, Fulham Nursery (1864) 1858-1864.
97 136M82/80 Conveyance of the Cock Lane Gate, Winchester (probably the site of the Hillier Garden Centre in Romsey Road) 31 Oct 1876.
98 136M82/44 Wedding card of Mr and Mrs E L Hillier 1896; obituaries of Edwin Hillier senior 1926 and Mrs E L Hillier 1931; miscellaneous family correspondence 1898-1934; drawings and Christmas cards mostly by E L Hillier's children 1896-1934.
99 136M82/85 Published booklet entitled '125 Years of Hillier Plantsmanship 1989.
100 141M83/187 Newspaper cuttings relating to Ampfield: Hillier Nurseries' head office at Ampfield House 1978.

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