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Site Updates

The Site is controlled by a Release system. Each page has a release number and date indicating when it was last released in a revised form. Each release of one or more pages leads to a Site Release and each site release is listed below. The Site Release can be found a the bottom of the Home page which is the only page that does not have its own release number and date.

Release 1.0, 10/12/07 (Initial release)

Name Rel 1.0
Local History Rel 1.0
The Church Rel 1.0
Parish Boundary Rel 1.0
Parish Registers Rel 1.0
Census Records Rel 1.0
Tithes Rel 1.0
Turnpikes Rel 1.0
Workhouse Rel 1.0
Transcripts Rel 1.0,
References Rel 1.0
Site Updates Rel 1.0

Release 2.0, 02/09/08

Railway Rel 1.0
Pubs Rel 1.0,
Pubs(1) Rel 1.0
Pubs(2) Rel 1.0,
Schools Rel 1.0
National Education Background Rel 1.0
Winchester Education Background Rel 1.0
Peter Symonds Rel 1.0
Westgate Rel 1.0
Kings Rel 1.0
Other Schools Rel 1.0
Other Buildings Rel 1.0
Royal Winchester Golf Club Rel 1.0
Winchester Lawn Tennis Club Rel 1.0
Hampshire Police Headquarters Rel 1.0
Winchester Prison Rel 1.0
Hillier Garden Centre Rel 1.0

Release 2.0 last update 02/09/08

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