Weeke local History - Hitchcock Family


Hitchcock Family

Following the Chancery decision the family moved to Weeke Manor and Thomas Snr transferred to Winchester Hospital (Royal Hampshire County Hospital). In 1850 Thomas and Mary had a daughter Jane Ann.

At the time Winchester Hospital was still in Parchment Street and he played a major part in the new hospital built on the Romsey Road. Dr. Thomas Hitchcock was an eminent and highly esteemed member of the medical profession, who for 28 years, 1851-1879, gave his services as physician to the Royal Hants County Hospital, and was in later life acted as a County Magistrate, his opinion always being looked up to and given weight to in the decision of his fellow justices. He died in 1888 and his assets were transferred to his son Thomas Burnett Hitchcock.

In 1836 the Ecclesiastic Commissioners were set up by Parliamentary Act to provide a system of management of all Church assets. By 1860 further legislation allowed the commissioners more control of assets and more equitable allocation of revenues. This included selling property and reallocation of investments across other areas. This had an impact on the leases held by Dr Thomas Hitchcock and his son Colonel Thomas Burnett Hitchcock. During their tenure they began purchasing the freehold to the land in Weeke.

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